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Colonial Drug  harvest gold days  CD  | Digital Download

10 songs of BIG. EPIC. ROCK. Layers upon layers of guitars, organs, mellotrons, drums and vocal badassery. Songs written in a bygone style with modern flourishes. Hooks served up with a trowel shows that nestled in with the bombastic excess that this is essentially a pop record in the style of Paul McCartney and Wings or vintage Queen but there is so much more at play in this collection. A collaboration of Arrow Beach's Mike Nicholson and his old friend from the way back days, Mark McCracken, this record recalls the days of parking at the end of an out-of-the-way dead end road to swill cheap beer and chat with the cool girls in their high-wasted jeans and halter tops.Amy Hall, also of Arrow Beach, Amy Hall adds drums.
Colonial Drug Cover

Arrow Beach  juicy fruit castle CD  | Digital Download

The second full length from Arrow Beach. Since the first CD in 2017, Arrow Beach have grown as a live act and have honed their songcraft chops to a shiny point. Eclectic is an understatement. Jangle pop to sludgy psychedelia to angular shoegaze to gothy new wave, Juicy Fruit Castle is a collection of songs that show off the band's chops as well as their quirky inventiveness. All this is done with keeping a foot on the gas of this deft rock machine. Every song is an instant classic.

Mike Nicholson industry  CD  Cassette Digital Download

14 songs by composer, guitarist, producer Mike Nicholson.
Instrumental music perfect for films, TV, listening, driving and copulating.
Guitar wizardry that is never wanky (well, rarely) but always visceral and melodic. Industry uses surf guita as a base and then adds electronica, psychedelia, pop, garage, ambient, hard rock, funk,thrashy punk rock to the mix. Mostly recorded in a three week flurry of activity, Industry is a bold statement and decidely fresh.

Arrow Beach arrow beach  CD  | Digital Download

10 songs of sometimes sweet and sometimes salty pop/rock that recalls classic bands such as The Smiths and Led Zeppelin (!). At least they look to both for inspiration. Jangly guitars, effervescent vocals and grooves deep and wide. A classic glam rock band with a little less glam. Black jeans and nail polish. “Deliciously corrosive glam rock teeming with super catchy melodies and edgy lyrics that refuse to leave your cranium. This is grade A sonic fruit ripe for the pickin’...” — Ken Sharp, VH1 Producer and NY Times Bestselling Author

Penelope Cruisecontrol  this is the voice of...  CD (sold out)  | Digital Download

The second PCC record features the last performances of the late great drummer Matt Brown. Penelope Cruisecontrol play purely instrumental rock that dips its toes into everything from punk (Mass Hysteria) to jazz (Smack Dab) to epic progressive world folk (Westeros). Guitars and organs wail, Mellotrons shreik and wheeze, drums pound. Music for a long lost UK puppet show.

Penelope Cruisecontrol  demonstration to the world   CD (sold out)  | Digital Download

The first Penelope Cruisecontrol record is a collection of demos and experiments by Mike Nicholson (guitars, keyboards, bass) and drummer/percussionist Matt Brown. Stylistically it starts with surf and then goes all over the place. This is record collection music. Prog rock. Funk. Guitar shred. Blues. Folk. Disco. A beautiful mess that somehow sounds cohesive.

The X-Rayons the x-rayons  CD (sold out)  | Digital Download

The first and only release by the venerable X-Rayons of central NC. Recorded in Kernersville, NC in 1999 at the Fidelitorium by superstar producer Mitch Easter, The X-Rayons were a live music staple from 1996 to 2002 and have engaged in several reunions since. This record is a classic of instrumental music. Tight rhythms, twangy and snarly guitars, undulating bass, inspired pocket drumming all come together to render a fine collection of catchy tunes that are never over-long, indulgent or navel gazing. Essential!