Colonial Drug A virtual pandemic group consisting of Mark McCracken (vocals) and Amy Hall (drums) and Mike Nicholson on guitar and keyboards. Mike & Mark's songwriting partnership goes back their high school days and they decided to rekindle their collaborative arrangement for a collection of 10 songs that evoke the best of 1970's excess and bombast. Glam, rock, psychedia. Imagine David Bowie, Wings, Queen, Pink Floyd & Thin Lizzy all in one giant cauldron of sound.

Arrow Beach Glammy art-pop that is equal parts Pixies and Big Star. Daring vocals, indelible melodies, fiery guitar playing and epic rhythms. Eclectic and challenging but still melodic and hummable pop-rock songs. Juicy Fruit Castle is the newest release which dropped, sadly, at the start of the great Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020.

Mike NicholsonMusician, Producer, Engineer, Composer Mike Nicholson releases his debut on New Atlas in the Summer of 2019. Surfy guitarscapes melded with techno-pop and ambient textures and then exploding into full out ROCK! Like Dick Dale hanging with Kraftwerk while Phillip Glass buys the drinks.

Penelope CruisecontrolSurfy guitar intrumentals are just the starting point but elements of funk, world, acid-jazz, punk rock, metal, and other bits and bobs are stirred in for a bouillabaisse of instumental excitement!

The X-Rayons On and off again "Atmosurf" instrumental guitar music from the minds and fingers of Steve Carr and Brunson Hoole. Recorded by Mitch Easter in 1999, their eponymous debut is a cult classic of "progressive surf". Surf, spaghetti western, r&b, lounge, rock & rockabilly influences meld together for maximum guitar insanity.