Ready for a crash course in Pop? Michael Slawter is ready to give it to you. This Winston-Salem, N.C.-based songwriter writes shimmering and brainy tunes in the finest tradition of American power-pop, earning him comparisons to The Plimsouls and The Records.

A veteran of the North Carolina music scene, Slawter last fronted the short-lived pop/punk quartet Neidermeyer. The band's sole recorded offering, "For Those About to Pop" won them 2001 pop-rock album of the year honors from The Winston-Salem Journal. The newspaper praised Slawter for creating tunes as "smart and entertaining as (the band's) name." Slawter soon decided he wanted a band that reflected his own vision. In 2002, Michael formed the Saving Graces

"I was really happy with the songs I was writing in Neidermeyer but I felt like I had so much other stuff inside me that didn't really fit that band." Slawter recalled.

In the fall of that year the Slawter headed into the studio with respected Australian musician d.Henry Fenton and longtime Winston-Salem scenester Britt "Snuzz" Uzell. The end product, "These Stars Are For You," was released by respected Portland, Oregon indie The Paisley Pop Label to almost unanimous critical acclaim. Over five songs, "These Stars Are For You" effortlessly blended 60s-vintage Britpop ("The Things that Make You Strange"), bouncy New Wave-style rock ("Idiot Proof") and gorgeous balladry ("Sad Golden Waves Goodbye.").

On their first full-length LP, Slawter upped the ante to produce "The Assassination of Someone You Knew." Joined by veteran producer Jamie Hoover (Spongetones, Van Deleckis), the 11-song collection presents a fuller picture of Slawter's songwriting capabilities, veering from the energetic, Buzzcocks-inflected "Giving Up The Ghost," to the lovely sturm und jangle of "Southern Gothic Sound," to the deeply personal meditation that is "Why Don't You Cry."

Now a solo artist free to record and perform with a varying cast of top-flight musicians, Slawter is putting thie finihing touches on his debut solo Album to be released in he summer of 2006. On board again is Jamie Hoover who is mixing and tracking the record at his Charlotte studio, Hooverama.


A one-off 7 inch by ZiP Recording Artists Stratocuiser will mark the first release on Just Plain Lucky even though it will technically be under the Purple Cat Records subsidiary.

Stratocruiser has become an acclaimed band that stradles garage, power pop, 70's arena rock and psychedelia with equal aplomb. The single "Smell of Success" is a track that truly encapsulates the bands' sound in 3:20. "Guitar-driven, jangly verses that could have been part of the Byrds/Electric Prunes/Spirit/Standells garage-rock revolution. Only it isn't marred by muddy production or excess vocal distortion" - Berkely Place

Look for "Smell of Success" July of 2005.


Stratocruiser Gallery

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